The brand Performance Technology was founded in 1999 by Nicola Bragagnolo as a technician with proven worldwide experience and collaborator of many motorcycle companies to develop their motorcycles.
The idea was born when Nicola was working in the experience department and racing department of Aprilia as technical manager for the development of prototypes. Since then the idea of ​​making components for motorcycles is a passion, with the project of Mondial motorcycle where he worked on the design and development of what today is recognized as the most advanced motorcycle ever made for its time. Has the opportunity to start a process of development of components totally independent of the production logic of a large company with passion and intense dedication.
All products of Performance Technology are born with the aim of amaze the world with innovative technologies, then often copied by many, like the first brake levers with the extensible final part, the series Evo3 brake levers and Ultimate with adjustable pivot are just a few examples . These products were marked by winning several world titles in various motorcycle categories.
Performance Technology has also played a key role in other areas such as the technology provided to British Petroleum to stop the leak of oil well on the ocean floor in the Gulf of Mexico.
Nicola Bragagnolo stood out over the years to provide the world's cutting-edge technologies in various sectors, and has received praise for the work done by companies such as Honda, Yamaha, Triumph, Aprilia, Ohlins, Brembo and Magneti Marelli.
In this site you will find photos of all the products made, and photos of the team with whom we collaborated and video clips that show our products being built.
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