Designed for your safety
Our brake lever protector is something unique and innovative in the motorcycle world panorama. It's the first device that ensures total protection of the rider either in a collision or fall. The device is a result of over a year of study and testing and is made entirely of whole-billet lightweight alloy and has the ability to adjust the length, meaning the distance from the handlebar. The front recliner has an unique technology called "AIR TUBE STOP IMPACT" with a special inner tube interposed between the protection and a part left free to slide on it that provides in the event of impact to absorb over 50% of the impact force, the recliner It ensures the total impossibility of the pilot to remain hooked to the protection as it happens in all other systems. The protector is provided with a slider that in case of fall protects the handlebar and prevents jamming of the same. The fastening system is exclusive and guarantees the total protection of the impossibility to rotate on the handlebar.


World Exclusivity of our protection.


Entirely made of whole-billet light alloy.


The front is with "AIR TUBE STOP IMPACT" to reduce the force of impact.


Front recliner to prevent the rider from being hooked.


Slider made of polyethylene with high molecular weight for the protection of the handlebar.


Exclusive locking system to handlebar "DOUBLE EXPANSION BLOCKED.


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