Radial Master Cylinder 19x19 ULTIMATE


Performance Technology presents the master cylinder radial 19mm, the most advanced in the world that becomes part of our series of products called Ultimate.
The radial brake of our latest production of 19mm is fully CNC milled and can be considered unique in the world for solutions adopted that pose it in an absolute summit of its operating characteristics.
As you can see in the photos, our new master cylinder is equipped with an exclusive technical solution of the piston driven by a particular band anti-friction that prevents the cylinder from rolling the cylinder world.
This solution combined with the rotation bushes of the fulcrum gives an unquestionably unique feeling with our brake master cylinder.
The new seals made of silicone-based and with a profile that has taken more than one year of study will seal with an unprecedented charging capacity. With our brake master cylinder you will never again on an empty stroke again even under extreme conditions.


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